Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kids Christmas Craft

I finally found a Craft project that the Little Girls could help Mommy with.

What you Need
 Large Canvas ( I used a 16x20)
    Acrylic Paint (Red, Green, Brown, Yellow)
     Paint brush
         Kids preshish little hands 
         *for added fun I hot glued buttons to make ornaments

Lily was Brave & Went 1st

(1) Make sure kids hands are clean  before applying a thick layer of paint on their palm

           (2) Start from the bottom creating rows of 4-3-2-2-1, pressing the palms evenly and as flat as possible. Over lapping the hands creates a more tree like effect.

           (3) Once the tree is created let dry before painting in a trunk and star to the top.

           (4) You can then make it your own by adding buttons, glitter, or even thumb prints to create ornaments....enjoy! 

Lola  just couldn't stop Smiling

Green Hand!!!!!

Almost Done
(Mommy's Turn to add a Few things)

Finished & Yes those are Buttons as Ornaments 

Stay Crafty,


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  2. Love this and your other Christmas art ideas! I am a new follower. Pinned.